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Help us manage your risk of data loss. It’s most businesses’ worst nightmare, and it can cause hours of frustration. With our data protection plans, we can store backups of your important information at a reasonable price..

We offer expert computer help and support in New York for computers running all versions of Windows as well as Macs. We can help you with any problem no matter what the issue. If you need installs of printers, scanners, Hard Drives, or servers, we can help. We explain complex computer procedures in simple terms. If you are new to computers, we can help you discover that they are FUN to use! If you're in a crisis, we are happy to help solve it as quickly as possible. If you've been meaning to get that backup system going, or to get a web site up, we can help you get it done. If you're not sure if your computer has a virus, or whether your protection is up to date, just ask us. We will work with Distributors to keep you updated with the latest hardware and software need to make your business a successful one.